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Visiting Oak Family Vineyard & Ranch Estate

Visiting the Vineyard

Oak Family Vineyard & Ranch Estate Family welcomes you to join us at our Cozy Grape Juice Tasting room — sorry no wine — that over looks the valley and view of Lake Cecil. Take a tour of the Vineyard and Operation, or grab a bunch and bring your picnic to enjoy the fresh mountain air. Taste the flavors of a variety of grape juices, grape juice blends, and grape juice non-alcoholic beverages. A place for the whole family. Or enjoy our adult only private areas and lookouts when you want to get away from the kids for a little while.

Grape Juice Tasting Room is open 10:00 am - 6:00 pm Monday through Thursday, and until 9:00 pm Friday & Saturday.

Private parties, and longer hours, can be booked. Call us for more information and pricing.

Sunset in the distance and a silhouette of a woman with a wine glass.

Oak Family Vineyard & Ranch Estate A Sunset Romance
Photo © 2013 Jim Heck and Breckport Media Solutions

Visiting the Ranch

Waterlilies in one of the many ponds on the estate.

Oak Family Vineyard & Ranch Estate Water lilies

Oak Family Vineyard & Ranch Estates also invites you to enjoy the plentiful offerings of the land. We have walking and hiking tours of the area for birdwatching, plant lovers, tree enthusiasts, and just plain exercise. The Estate has 8700 acres of natural undeveloped land where you can camp, explore, and catch a concert by some well known, and not so well known artists; the Yuba River offers rafting, kayaking, swimming, and fishing. There is something for the whole family — including having your wedding at our Estate.

Some of the 71,965 acres of the Oak Family Vineyard & Ranch Estate.

A small portion of the 71,965 acres of the Oak Family Vineyard & Ranch Estate

Oak Family Estate Tours and Activities change with the seasons.
Summer Season can begin as early as March, or as late as May.
Activities are from 6:00 am - 7:00 pm Monday through Wednesday, and until 9:00 pm Thursday through Saturday.
Winter Season can begin as early as August, or as late as November. Seasons vary depending on the weather. Contact us for current conditions and activities.

Weddings, corporate, and private parties can use the Lodge by the lake, or the picnic grounds near the lake. Call us for more information and pricing.

Oak Family Vineyard & Ranch Estate Event Building number 18.

Oak Family Vineyard & Ranch Estate Event Building 18

Oak Family Vineyard & Ranch Estate north event grounds

Oak Family Vineyard & Ranch Estate Event Grounds

Small creek for gold panning with a slue

Oak Family Vineyard & Ranch Estate gold panning creek

Nightly & Weekly Accommodations

Various Camp Grounds

Bring a tent or sleep naked under the stars. The original way to pass the night away in the area.

Acorn Cabins

Cabins galore. From two person to 28 people. No amenities to lavish set up.

Oak Leaf Village

A step up from cabins, Oak Leaf Village has a variety of cottages that are almost like being home.

Oak Family Estate Inn & Dining

Our first hotel on the ranch to accommodate those that are not wanting play house, live rustically, or are ready to be one with nature.


THE GOLdEN TREE is our first movie-themed genealogy research resort hotel. Designed and constructed with permission and assistance from Aria Pictures and Gerald Martin Davenport to use their movie title, the 36 room luxury Gold Rush themed hotel is for those that want to live the film with their family and research their family tree.

Oak Family Estate Events

We have Live Music, Theater, Comedians, Speakers, Celebrities, and Movies from local to touring artists that perform either on our outdoor stage or inside our cozy style performance hall. We also host several classic car shows, craft fairs, and so much more. Check our calendar for details and dates.

Rules, Policies, and Regulations

Oak Family Vineyard & Ranch Estate is a family affair; therefore we have a strict “no-smoking” policy anywhere on the 71,965 acres — you will be subjected to fines, removal, and banning from the property for any and all events. This is private property and we have the ability to police and hand out fines — we are friendly and cordial, but take advantage and break rules you will see the business side of us.

A love for all animals

Oak Family Vineyard & Ranch Estate has a love for animals, all animals, therefore all pets brought to the property are to be leashed when outside your vehicle; this is due to complications with our abundant wild life — remember we are a natural perserve and there are bears, mountain lions, and other dangerous animals that roam free, and have been known to enter campsites, the vineyard, and other populated areas; our rangers are there to protect both the animal and you, a loose dog or cat always escalates trouble. [leash your animals]

This is not a real location; it is created for the movies Petite Chardonnay (2012) & Chardonnay.