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Oak Family Vineyard & Ranch Estate

Oak Family Vineyard & Ranch Estate vast landscape.

Photo by George Ann Heck © 2012

A Big Place For Wholesome Family Fun!

Covering over 71,965 acres of hills, mountains, lakes, and prairies in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Northern California, Oak Family Vineyard & Ranch Estate continues its legacy of family traditions since 1742. The Ranch Estate is home to a pleathora of floral and fauna and there are still thousands of acres not seen or visited by man — the place is so big and wild. As stewards of this land we farm the vineyard organically, use the land responsibly, and allow the natural habitat and wild life to flourish.

We invite you to visit us for a day and stay for a week. If you can only make it an hour, it takes more than an hour to get here, so stay for a day or two. Why not make it a week? There is so much to do, and there is something for the whole family.

Enjoy everything the outdoor wilderness has to offer on foot, bike, horse, donkey, scooter, canoe, kayak, standup paddle-board, raft, zip-line, ATV, UTV, and Gondola Lifts. You will not go hungry with our plethora of restaurants and grocery stores stocked with our own creations, fresh vegetables, and beverages. Stay at one of our family friendly hotels or embrace nature in its raw form. It is up to you. We have it for you to experience and share with your family and friends.

Oak Family Vineyard & Ranch Estate, the place to connect with family, friends, and nature

This is not a real location; it is created for the movies Petite Chardonnay (2012) & Chardonnay.