Petite Chardonnay (2012) Collector Items

“Petite Chardonnay (2012) ‘Behind-the-Scenes’ in Pictures” Book

Softcover • 100 pages • full color • many never before seen images & views of the production • Book, Day, and Picture descriptions • Screen grabs from the movie • index of Actors and Crew.

Petite Chardonnay (2012) · Aria Pictures · Collector Items

Price may seem high at $41 plus shipping, but when you know this book is not mass produced (we do not have an actual book publisher signed deal to make this book).  There is no middle management or corporate identity involved to help cover the cost of production to make the price cheaper, which has two sides:

A) the book is a bit pricy for an unknown movie, and a softcover at 100 pages.
B) The creator has full ownership, we do not get stuck with 900 books in our closet or someone's garage, and it is a collector item that not many people will have for your to share and showcase the uniqueness of it.

If it is in your heart and important to you to support this independent team of filmmakers, and to have a keep sake of the production, then the cost is not even a factor.  For those with a problem, I am truly sorry you feel it is not worth the effort.

Petite Chardonnay (2012) Behind the scenes in pictures.

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Petite Chardonnay (2012)
soft cover
By Gerald Martin Davenport
Blurb Books.